Our goal is to provide a reliable and affordable case good purchasing experience to distributors worldwide.

How we started it all

Starting out as a Franchise Owner myself, I discovered the difficulties of balancing quality product, sophisticated furniture specifications and manufacturing standards. Wanting to meet franchise specifications and a quality product, 25 years ago, I found myself a carpenter and a garage. Now running three manufacturing plants in North America and Asia, we’ve come a long way since that garage. Icon Furniture is a simple solution to your hotel furniture needs. Offering case goods tailored to each franchise, it allows our partner distributors to generate orders within minutes.

Ruben Cohen

Ruben Cohen

Founding President

The Furniture

Icon Furniture is naturally beautiful which is enhanced by the use of solid wood top edges. The solid wood edging promotes extreme durability in areas that are highly visible and receive the most wear and tear. High pressure laminate is used on all top surfaces for damage protection and moisture resistance.  Once the laminate is selected, the stain is carefully matched for all wood surfaces.

With the protection of the solid wood edges and laminate tops, the warranty provided is  two years and a stain repair kit for minor scratches can be requested at any time.

The Factory

By operating our own manufacturing plants in Asia, we are able to control the quality of materials and the quality of the finished product.

Once passing quality inspection, we ship out furniture to any country worldwide.

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